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Nose surgery that aims at harmonizing the patient’s nose with the face shape.


Reshaping the body contouring with a selective suction of some localized fat areas.

Breast augmentation

Reshaping the Breast surgery
puce Breast prosthesis
puce Lipomodelage

Face lift

Repositioning the skin, fat and muscle tissues that tend to be sagging with age.


plastic surgeon dr aknin


84 Boulevard des Belges
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Monday to Friday from 9 am till 7:30 pm
04 72 44 38 86
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Plastic surgery is a real medical and surgical specialty.

This website is aimed at providing clear and simple information, as comprehensive as possible, to the internet user.

The purpose of this surgical specialty is to rejuvenate and/or reshape the face and the figure of healthy subjects. Reshaping is meant to modify certain parts of the body by reducing or enlarging them.

In addition, it both involves an artistic aspect because it aims at beauty and a psychological aspect because its purpose is to improve the equilibrium and the well-being of the patients.

Plastic surgery must be distinguished from reconstructive surgery, the purpose of which is to reconstruct what nature, disease or trauma has destroyed or deformed (for example breast reconstruction after a removal due to cancer).