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Le docteur Joël AkninDr Joël AKNIN is a specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery qualified by l'the French National Medical Board.

He was in charge for several years of a plastic surgery department. He completed his training with the most renowned surgeons and with internships in the United States and in Brazil.


He is himself a trainer and constantly keeps on evolving to remain at the top level.

Dr Aknin has been a private practice plastic surgeon in Lyon since 1991. He is an experienced surgeon.

Main surgeries


His activity includes all the plastic surgeries, with dominance in the fields of breast augmentation (breast implants), of liposuction, of rhinoplasty (nose surgery), and of rejunevation surgery (facelifts, eyelids….).

Aesthetic medicine is an integral part of the activity of a plastic surgeon. Dr Aknin has a solid expertise in this area and will offer you the techniques that best suit your request and your needs.


Cabinet du Dr AkninPerforming a plastic surgery is a very serious project. Experience, technical skill, rigor and humanity are the main qualities that a surgeon must possess.

The making of a surgery decision is based on several points:
Motivation : it is the main driving force. It has to be strong enough to contact a doctor for advice.
Information : Dr Aknin spends a lot of time in the consultation. He is ready to listen to your needs and to find the best solution. He will explain to you in a very detailed way all the surgery procedure with the possible risks and the results.
It is essential to allow some time for reflection and not to make a decision in a hurry. After the first consultation, Dr Aknin and his medical team are at your disposal freely to complete the information and to answer questions, at the practice or by email.
The decision : it is made in a relationship of mutual trust. The whole team makes every effort to help you before, during and after the surgery.
A little doubt and a slight apprehension are totally understandable before undergoing a surgery. It is not abnormal to feel this way and it is deemed to have a beneficial effect on the result of the surgery. If you don’t feel ready or if your request cannot be processed with good results, Dr Aknin will explain it to you and will help you to find the good moment or the best solution.


Vue globale du cabinet du Dr Aknin à Lyon