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Local anesthetics in plastic surgery
It is a type of anesthesia that is commonly used in our specialty.

It involves many advantages :

- No hospitalization. Most of the times the patients can leave half an hour after the surgery
- Much quicker recovery
- Much reduced medical risks
- Reduced medical expenses

A local anesthesia requires certain conditions :

- No allergy to the components of the anesthetic products
- The treated area must be moderate and easily anesthetized
- The surgery must last between half an hour and an hour

What surgeries can be performed under local anesthetic ?

- Face surgeries :
  Tip and bridge of the nose rhinoplasty
Face lifts (temples and cheeks)
Neck liposuction
Face lipostructure
Upper and lower eyelids

- Body surgeries :
Localized liposuctions: saddlebags, hips, belly, knees…)
Partial breast lipostructure

Procedure :

Everything will be explained to you during the preoperative consultation, which is ESSENTIAL.
- Light snack before the surgery
- In certain cases, the patient is given a mild sedative
- A half an hour resting time must be respected to ensure that everything is fine
- The patient must be accompanied on his/her way back home

Conclusion :

Plastic surgeries are more and more performed under local anesthetics because they are more simple, efficient and less expensive.