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Augmentation mammaire

We use exclusively silicone implants: the shell is made of silicone and the filling is a silicone gel that is said “cohesive”. All the breast implants meet stringent manufacturing standards and are subject to a very strict control. The shell resistance is extremely high and the gel high quality.

Photos d'augmentation mammaire par pose d'implants mammaires



Preoperative assessment: mammography, coagulation monitoring, cardiovascular check-up depending on the age, pre-anesthetic consultation, photographs. General anesthesia.

Duration of surgery: from one hour and fifteen minutes to one hour and thirty minutes.
One night hospitalization.



Pain : it depends on the patient. It might be a moderate to high sensation of soreness during a few days. A small waterproof bandage is applied and a bra is put on. Showers are permitted.
The stitches : are removed after two weeks. The scars must be massaged and the bra worn during 2 months.
Sick leave : 1 week for a sedentary occupation and 2 weeks for a more physical job.

No sports for one or two months.


It is immediate. The breast is not swollen but feels a little tight. It will soften and take its definitive position after one to two months, depending on the patients.
The implants cannot be felt. The breast must have a curve as natural as possible.